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Outsourcing with Technological advancements

The article depicts how a business tool namely outsourcing is supported by science, technology and advance commerce. Why westerns do are attracted to such, side by side a little bit comment on open source software helping in outsourcing.

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Psychology behind the outsourcing

The article tries to redefine outsourcing, there is little bit introduction how outsourcing is helping an undersize bourgeois to receive a garner income for his livelihood.

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Outsourcing Context

The article depict why the outsourcers are outsourcing their non core business. There is little bit common view of the last decade which let them to outsource on the basis of affordable rates and quantity in hand.

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Calculating Data Entry Speed for your text

The article tries to touch the urgency and accuracy in the field of data entry services, which is usually required by the firms. The written text also provides some initial steps for practice.

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