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Managing Conflict at in-house activities

Here in this article, we tried to solve problem with personality types, Why to an owner wants a professional project manager for perfect orientation and communication. There is listing of two types of personality one in “ostrich fashion” and other is egotist. We also try to overcome, how to utilize their behavioral attribute in business services.

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Back-office Solutions

In this article we tried to depict the importance of back office support to a business in a smooth running of their business operations and how the business unit gets a low cost option to do their routine business operations at cost effective way.

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Administer Conflict in workplace

Here, what is actual stress is on role of project leader, in conflict and opportunities, How to handle it in glib processing to handle situations. What should be the strategies and team management. Reason of altercation etc

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Outsourcing a new Approach

The article depicts with brief historical overview, how an in-house activity turned to outsourcing. Why the western world out-pour heavily in providing work in last two decades.

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