Archive for October, 2013

Requirement to convert PSD to HTML Templates

In web development phase, we come through various process in order to make website “user friendly” and easily accessible to our viewer so have to convert PSD to HTML. Since,…

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Professional Adobe Illustrator Designs

In the era of advance technology, illustration is done graphically to typeset and view varied aspect of design. With similar aspect Kelly comes to us with requirement of professional Illustrator…

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Online Catalog Processing

Matthew setup an online store and want an affordable catalog processing team to upload his products. He checked our product data entry service page and found our affordable price suitable…

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Froogle Data Feed Entry

Cortland come to us with requirement of submitting Froogle Data Feeds. The primary purpose has to have a power of Google search, where he wants to list all products so…

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Business Card Data Entry

Darren checked Eoutsourcingindia for his requirement to extract outlook contacts to excel. Basically his outlook contains much of business card and Darren wants them right in spreadsheet. As it was…

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Affordable Data Mining Servcies

Blake, who owns a web development firm, comes to us for a data mining services. Basically at back-end they own a photo database which contains junks value. Here they furnished…

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