Although Eoutsourcingindia do not indulge them self in web development services but when our client asks for the services we can manage affordable human resource for the said project. In similar case we received an email form Barclay who takes our graphic support and image editing services previously ask us to make perfect CSS redesign services for his site.

It has been observed that Entrepreneur often have to look for new design for available site and many times they do this for client website, who actually wants to redesign it for prefect projection of theme via effective logo. It is also been noticed in such project that there is rarely change in content as entrepreneur usually don’t ask to do this because he is ranking good with consequential text. What they actually seek to check here is usability, readability and branding of product if they hold ecommerce site.

So the Similar task, we received from Barclay, who wants his CSS rewrite services and new logo for his home page. There were almost 35 pages which were required on urgent basis with specification to make home page different than other landing pages. The caution is that, the landing page contains a different look but from structural point of view, they should be same.

Eoutsourcingindia took the task and built bespoken CSS rewrite for Barclay to which he was looking for. It was stiff job of concentration towards code but all is done in well- cemented manner by our best web development and designing team.

Best CSS Redesign services — Results

  • Watchful design’s with best effort.
  • Create perfectcombination of usability, readability and branding.
  • All is doneat affordable cost; hence we assist in garner income to ourclient


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