Darren checked Eoutsourcingindia for his requirement to extract outlook contacts to excel. Basically his outlook contains much of business card and Darren wants them right in spreadsheet. As it was a time consuming job and Darren wants to get this done at affordable cost so he checked out our pricing page and find it quiet affordable to go through.

Here Eoutsourcingindia act as a bridge to Darren requirement and furnish best of the resource. Darren saved his precious time which was quiet limited resource to him. We take around 7 days to furnish 1680 business card to extract all the information into spreadsheet. Our excellent data entry operators perform the job and efficiently meet the target before the deadline.

Best business card entry – Result

  • We furnish cost saving plan to Darren hence quality and time bound fashioned work to him.
  • Darren got the benefits of inequitable equinox.
  • Whole work is done at affordable prices, which was truly appreciated by Darren.

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