Entrepreneur often criticize others it could be his /her colleague, employee or partner so that present mistake can be compromised. Yes Compromise; if they have to be in business there should be a base where they can hang the criticism. It is what usually happens so the employees become their first instrument to suffer. This is momentary relief and reckoning that I will do that again.


But actually, these are not proper validations instead you have to reckon where you need rectification whether it is in protocol or strategy which is being ignored. Taking opposite side, where you were making good deal of money then also you must rely on metrics and there is “confidant”, “Business associate” or anyone whom you trust and who tell you about business because it is not possible to wear all hats at a time. So there should be a corner, where you can park your positive thoughts.


Entrepreneur, usually don’t reckon on these sides and look in wrong direction. The very first step is criticizing which is to be avoided.


Here is something you must avoid; this something’s could be for employer or employee.

  • People often walks negative. Yes negative because they are jealous and snarky.
  • To the colleagues they usually don’t appreciate important new work. So be dedicated and always look for the possibilities to create something new.

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