Handling data entry services and making product entry at eCommerce store is something what EoutsourcingIndia is doing with dexterous hands on regular intervals. We own a separate set of team to handle such projects. Our team is capable to furnish full range of catalog processing services where our efforts are to manage web content, converting pager catalog and updating online store with new products of manufacturers. Here most of times our teams have to crop images or say our teams have to furnish essential image processing services to our clientele so that the purpose to furnish decent image of product can be listed to a consumer.

Client requirement

Entrepreneur often searches to have an affordable & dexterous team, who can manage their non-core business on their behalf. It was similar requirement by our one of the US based entrepreneur, who communicated us with bunch of product catalogs, which are to be entered on his website via customized software. It was time consuming job, where our executives have to enter product in appropriate category. The product specifications are to be entered in HTML format, so the basic knowledge of HTML is required for project.Our client asserts that data could be complicated but to us it’s not. He also wants project to be completed on priority so we have limited time resource.

Our Response

From very first day, our team started to work on project. In order to put project on fast track we have to distribute our team efforts in fragments where a set of operators have to prepare image cut outs in specified layout because image processing takes time and because quality images are must, we have to do that. Basically, background cleansing of image is required most of time so that appropriate background can be used for image.Another team set prepare HTML format and used particular image cut-out in appropriate category. This task was a little bit cerebral because we can’t list elsewhere.

The outcome was that client received quality project within deadline and when whole process comes in very affordable cost, his joys multiplied.

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