Dudley who owns a small site wants submission of homepage. In process he supplies a bunch of Meta tags, which were some how related to his business. Basically he as asking to make directory submission services on US Based sites. What we noticed that many of the sites were taking paid submission, to which he can’t afford. He wants the list of free submission website and It is what we were being asked for.

It was tedious and time consuming job but our data entry operator extracted from various sources and created a database of link sites, who actually take other submission for free. Then another team comes forward and checks the IP location as there is many of website with Class C IP address. This is what Dudley seeking for; we submitted his site on these directories. In process we submitted his good site on 3000 directories and report were supplied on weekly basis.

Best Directory submission services – Result

  • We assist in enhancement in back links.
  • We attempted of increase in Google trust rank.
  • We assist inmaking Popularity of site link at various online resources.


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