While reading feedback emails, we at Eoutsourcingindia concluded that reader wants ultimate freedom, to what they are engaged. Clients want to be self sufficient and especially when it comes to the terms of small business, this concern hold vital importance to follow.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running. Client’s wants obstacle free guidance, so that they can concentrate on their core business. So the question what I wants to draw here is “Why Blogger should write to help his reader” and the answer is quiet simple. It is what your reader’s are searching for. So blogger should write some informative article, which can put assurance to your readers that. Yes this entrepreneur can help them better. Your strategies, expenses are affordable and you can assist them in much better way.

Here is some effective way to lead your customer and show that you can assist them in acclaiming their freedom. The first and vital step is to introduce oneself. Here caution is, one should not forget to insert testimonial and case studies they really help a lot in setting assurance. Try to elaborate there requirement and how you can assist in overcoming requirement. When an entrepreneur takes steps in overcoming the requirements of his reader, it really assists in businesses and increase godsend customers.

Make effective and meaningful headlines.

Headlines are short cut of your topics, it is something like title listed in SERPs, and so using effective headlines not only set assurance to your customer in searching but also put them in line and add curiosity “what next”. Headlines play a vital role in attracting reader to your content. It is sort of meal to your business, so it should be benefit-oriented. Try to elaborate strategy and methods which can assist in achieving success.

Avoid Snakes lines

It is being observed by proponents that reader often neglect snake lines. So try to make your content, simple, lucid and meaningful. It should be enough to satisfy an intellect otherwise you will become a yesterday storyboard. If you have further ideas to explain strategy much more line then prepare a separate article to elaborate your reasons.


Your concluding text should be brainstorming. It should be something like how your effective methods can be beneficial, and how your strategy can be a problem solving approach.

We are sure that this is what your potential clients are searching for and it is where they can be converted.