Cortland come to us with requirement of submitting Froogle Data Feeds. The primary purpose has to have a power of Google search, where he wants to list all products so that Froogle list his available products. As we were familiar with Catalog Feed Entry Services, so Cortland Check our price quote, which he found affordable and make a quick decision to outsource his catalog feed entry job. What we have to do is to list headlines, copy-paste product description form manufacture website with proper categorization of products, upload the product image and link them directly to the merchant page.

The task was easy to do and Eoutsourcingindia found no hesitation in doing so. We ensured Cortland that his website store will properly listed with optimized pages. As our excellent operator are very familiar with this job and own a ability to list his products for Froogle.


Froogle Data Feed Entry – Results

  • Cortland received excellent human resource to enter his feed.
  • Experienced catalog processing operator furnishes reliable work from trusted source.
  • We multiplied his joys by affordable approach to his work.