We often have a bargain on price by our customer for the image manipulation and believe me it is only price factor which keep us with them and sometime separate us. It is been noticed; one who are Professional’s of image editing services often depict that they are giving services at affordable price with excellence in state of art tools; they can handle any to of image data and furnish them within the deadlines. I have to put is down it painstakingly that Image processing is only services to the back office support firms where customer do most of bargain and customer bounce rate is maximum.

The reason behind this is the “Psychology”, as customer seek every type of image in fixed price, where professional have to invest great time depends on features of the figurines. Suppose the customer is jeweler and he want a enhance photograph, for him every image is so easy and he want the background clear. Well for the professional, he has to put extra caliber, putting clipping path again and again which typically depends on the artifact design. If he not does so, image quality will suffer, and of course customer will put the question.

That’s why we image processing work price is often decided after the sample work. The vendor writes if you have such a typical image the then the price will be X, if you supply that type, your price will be Y. Some tried to comprehend such problem and tag there prices on working hours, a I tried to asserted above, productivity of work solely depends on the design, here outsourcer’s feel discontent that they are not getting a required productivity. The problem can be numerous but solution is one “Trust”.