We usually have clients form varied industries asking us to make as unique and refined database for meeting their purpose. One of such client communicated us to update his games portal by inputting necessary information. The process was cerebral and requires stiff concentration towards work because from research data our teams have to check for duplicate data but our team comes ahead for the project and with their efforts finally they furnish quality database to client.

The Client

The client is renowned person in the field of gaming especially with community sports. What he ask us to make unique database where our incumbents have enter information about team, profiles of players, victorious games of team with general background of team. Our team also has to attribute the gaming schedule, a sort of fixture for upcoming matches, sponsors and team franchises. The primary focus was to assist game lovers to have a database, which is single source of accumulated information and from where surfer can extract information about schedule.

The Challenges

Here our team has to face various challenges while putting efforts and caliber at online data processing. The very first of the challenge is to create long last database within deadlines of project. So time span was major concern, because the project was lengthy where our incumbents have to generalize information according to the type of game.

Another crucial challenge was that we also need to assist online database administrators so that they don’t have to invest time with constantly changing information. Here we have to change information accordingly, as per sanctioned schedule repeatedly. So in order to tackle it, we prepare segments of teams to keep an eye on changing schedules so that they can update minute details.

As we stated, we have to fill generalized information, the reason is we have to gather data from client specific sites and analyze that data accordingly. This was really cerebral, but our team who is well capable and familiar with outsourcing projects furnish project within client specified time.

The Outcomes

Our client was searching an affordable back office team who can act on his behalf and EoutsourcingIndia did so in well planned manner. In process, client and customers able to receive generalized information which over all aspects in objective manner.


When a surfer received according to his intend to search, it not certain to achieve the outcome. The result of efforts is that people start engaging and it multiplied our client joys when he received increments in memberships.