Data entry is a skill to enter informational data into the computer program accurately and with quantity. The data is inserted while keyboarding or just copy-pasting the data available on the net or data extracting into client specified format or something as per requirement of the project.

Data entry could be of varied format, taking simple one like keyboarding handwritten document given in the form of feedback by customer, to PDF Format where client put the requirement to put them in excel file so that it can be further implement or inserted in specific program.

Specific program means it dependency on database architecture. Generally what I notice in data entry projects client’s specifically stress on there format, where data is to be attributed in form of personal detail or product information which require repeated jobs and of course time consuming.

To enter in this Data entry field one have to fulfill the credential of qualified data entry test so that the qualified candidate can travel data into a computer program side by side to put assurance to the company that are recruiting the right person.

In order to get certificate one can switch to the reliable online sites who are offering related certificates on the condition that you qualify there test. In order to pursue the best program one can search on Google or any other search engine to meet the criteria or just search in your locality who is offering such services. I think both option are not difficult to achieve.

It is well known that “practice makes man perfect” after qualifying the test it doesn’t mean you end up with your practice, in data entry typing, what I have noticed; is entering data of medicine or the books which is full of medical glossary is very time consuming and difficult task to do. It’s highly depending on accuracy and even professional find it a difficult in doing so if you are choosing data entry field to expertise it is necessary to aggregate yourself with your skill.