A U.S based client contact us via request quotation page with attachment of his project specification and the attachment was a spreadsheet where he ask us to enter data in MS excel. The purpose here is to populate his excel file with appropriate data. Basically he as looking to have an affordable team to meet the purpose and in process we have to enter date and product specification in excel and click submit button so that the client intent searcher can download spreadsheet in updated format.

Additionally we have to create graph so that client can approximately analyze data as he want everything in more secured way so he furnish us Log in information to our spoke person.

Here Eoutsourcingindia take the project and with best caliber furnish his excel with updated information. The project was handy and client want is on urgent basis, so here we employed 3 executives to take care and whole process goes well and they furnish project within deadlines

Best link web to excel work — results

  • Client want an affordable team we furnish it with best human resource hence complete quality assurance with expert hands.
  • Complete update of excel by dedicated human resource, who actually afford this type of work as this is our core business. Client was looking for affordable team who can take this project delicately. We take it as to save essential capital which were must for client to avail hardware cost. As we own already established infrastructure; client don’t have to consider about it, hence we create a wizard to garner income.

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