An Approach to away of dealing and Managing Conflict with in-house activities

Business in fundamental sense runs on personality types, a personality attribute which can be phrase for successful business is “let’s come and do it together” an optimistic sense. This is why an employer desire for a professional project manager , who loves to be with people and takes a refine approach in other people problem for the success his / her project. It is indefatigable approach to lead his cream employees to be a multi-dimensional with submissiveness, cooperative analysis in communication and orientation.

What I noticed that in offices, employees are in “ostrich fashion” always try to escape before facing the problem. They are indifferent, do not concerned with; do not respond when it is required, either they are urge up by someone or they withdrawn themselves from decision making situations. I want to stress that every leaf of the organization, which feeds you is respectable. A Project manager has to overcome such situations of avoidance.

Another crucial, point is “employees never learn from mistakes” not even feel regret, and often deride, brush aside; in my opinion what they are basically under other palm and always try to bite other cherries. Although such personalities are egotist in sense, but they can put their best effort in business for self advancement. Another point is “such employee’s dominant in conversation and try to accentuate there protocol of working”. Always try to disrupt other with their working style, they could be geeks of computer and in behavior they mainly concentrate on working employee rather than issues. To overcome such competitiveness within the firm and for such employee, either been used for circumstances, one can utilizes his aggressiveness by assigning an individual project to him or his / her team, and offering an incentive in clandestine. By doing this, it will not create partiality issue, as often notice in office. The words sound hegemony, doubtful but it is an effective policy to handle such.