Contemporary era is a period of full competition; every local business wants to claim their listing. So in the process, they ask their customer to fill up the form, primarily associated with the services, which they are offering. Taking it simple, when you go to buy footwear’s after shopping sales executive ask the customer to fill up the form, mutually depends on the choice, but who switches to give feedback are basically hand written form and firms indulge themselves to display that piece of content on their site.

To furnish the process, they engage the teams of developer, who create essential attributes, link it with back end as per format of the form so that suitable information could be filled into it. The format consist of personal information, comment on the product, report of executive serving etc.

Now question arises; is about the cost, to engage a cream is not dexterous approach. Secondly in-house production is quite expensive. So what they do; they scan all the forms and convert them in PDF format or dispatch hard copies to distant vendor. So that he engage his / her employees to the process or send the hard copies and give the vendor an authority so that his employee could work directly on the online form or another way is asking them to furnish the details in excel format which could later associated to the program, to insert values.

The business which are primarily associated with such services are sites of hotel, restaurant, educational institute, University function, in government services they include survey forms which are used to get an opinion of the masses. All these receive feedback’s in bulk on intervals which are to be updated.