With globalization, business owner are getting tough competition in sale increments. So in other words entrepreneurs have to face challenge for conveying credibility in order to gain “trust”, so that their perspective clients can choose them for their next project. Credibility becomes more crucial when it comes to Outsource Back Office task where small business owner rarely comes face to face. Here, the question arises is “How to present credibility to your perspective client” and the solution lies in “about us page of your site”. It is a place where you have to concentrate so add some factual information about your experience on varied projects. These tidbits will create impression and let you to win contract.

If we talk about “about us page” it’s an excellent tool for presenting business. It is place where your perspective client will choose you, after going through your displayed service page. Now the question arises here is “what should we put in our about us page?” . Here, first think about client perspective, depending on business type, there could be a different perspective for your clients. For example in outsourcing business your clients would like to seek work quality and cost cutting for their assignment. So you have to make cerebral job to identify client prospect and furnish relevant information but don’t lie.

List of key points for — about us page

  • First give reference to your firm name and business title, make sure to put these words in “Title Meta Tag”
  • Now share you business mission in soft words.
  • Illustrate your credentials, strength and infrastructural report.
  • Explain how your business services can assist in their business.
    Give a table view of experience for varied project.
  • Give reference to your testimonials page.
  • Highlight the facts, which set you apart from your competitor’s

From above dotted points, one can analyze that “about us” page is telling truth to your customer and conveying information honestly. We think this article would be helpful to many small business owner like us

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