Craig wants a copy paste services from one website to another. His each page consists of 150 to 200 words with images; which are to be used while copying and uploaded those images with content. It an easy to do job but purpose of knocking Eoutsourcingindia was affordable cost. Basically he doesn’t own a staff to do this and that’s why to solve this problem. He asked us to furnish required task. His web developer had already prepared a style sheet and now he was in desperate search to have it done at competitive prices.

Here Eoutsourcingindia content entry team come forward and makes it easier to move product information and assist him in cost effective manner. We want to highlight this is our core work to handle and we are quiet capable in supplying affordable human resource with efficient handling of data formats jobs. So our content entry team checks the content and takes no time in furnishing Craig job. He doesn’t want whole information at once so in order to set protocol he specifies us guidelines even his front office gives us a formal training to put some check for his services.

Best Content Entry job – Result

  • Protocol was already set, we just have to figure out the empty space andconfirm with Craig to populate that empty space with appropriate information.
  • Selection for information, whatCraig wants to take and get it ready for finale?
  • We stored information in Craig specified pagelayout.
  • We boxed all the relevant contentfor his new website in Craig specified format.
  • It was a temporary project and what Craig wants an affordable team, henceEoutsourcingindia supplied his asked requirement and led him to garner income.


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