As we know excel is widely used office program, it is not certain we received many of business dealing in this regard. Something similar project we receive form Eston who wants bunch of PDF files in excel format. Although it is simple to do job but it requires stiff concentration towards text and even client too ask to do it accurately while outsourcing there work.

So it was not certain to us when Easton ask us to supply quality task. In process he supplied around 55 .PDF files which are to be converted and Eoutsourcingindia with help of quality data entry operator furnished quality service to meet the purpose of Eston.

Best PDF Content to excel – result

  • We furnish quality work with dexterous hands hence 100% accuracy to work.
  • Relief form drudgery and monotonous work.
  • All is done at affordable cost, hence cost effective solution to our client.


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