In a present scenario with a growing competition on web world many companies and persons are looking for data extraction services to maintain a list of their potential clients to approach them but on the same phase they too required a team of data extraction persons who can perform this task at affordable prices. So here the concept to outsource the task of data extraction, data mining or web data extraction emerges.

What is Data Extraction Services?

Data Extraction or Web mining is an effective way to capture the details in a pre-defined format to analyze the information either for internal audits of a company or to make a list of database to reach for prospective clients. So to make a knowledgeable database one needs to extract the data from different sources to get them together at one place.

So here an outsourcing data processing firm plays a major role to get the work done at affordable prices with an utmost accuracy for the data extraction task either from on online database or from an offline source like Pdf files, scanned forms or any handwritten documents. One can outsource any kind of task whether it is related to web data mining, database extraction, website extraction or to extract the data from an already existing database.

Various Data Extraction and Capturing Services Includes:-

  1. Extract details from Scanned Pages or from PDF Files to Online database entry.
  2. Data Extraction for Real estate database
  3. Duplicate data from an online database
  4. Capture data from online store to another store
  5. Stock data entry services
  6. Extracting information from handwritten documents
  7. Data Entry for website
  8. Capturing information from bills, invoices or contract forms

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