As per authentic statistics, today one in every five people of world population is buying products online. Such is the extent, reach and velocity of E commerce Websites or Online Stores. Naturally, the competition to woo online visitors among E commerce Websites has grown manifold – to put it lightly. In this juncture, is there any secret formula to win the rat-race? Yes – there is. You should make the online visitors feel that “Happy Customer Experience”! Popular Search Engines award high-rankings to websites in their Indices, prominently based on this criterion for sure. That said how to make the customers feel happy about your E commerce Website? Well – you must know about the priority expectations of the visitor to your Online Outlet, the importance of Catalog Processing Services, and how you can reap maximum benefits by outsourcing Catalog Processing Services, to the experienced expert professionals of Eoutsourcing India, certified as the trusted-source for outsourcing Data Entry Services, by a huge-chunk of their erstwhile clients.

What are the expectations of an Ecommerce Stores visitor?

Unlike real-life brick and mortar stores, the Ecommerce Stores gets customers, who do not want to spend more then few minutes, if not seconds, at this online outlet. They are coming from every nook and corner of the country or globe, to buy products. With this hectic schedule, they want to navigate through the web pages hassle-free, get all the details of the products available in that stores in a jiffy, within macro-seconds.

The product description, photographs of the product, the price list or catalog, availability details, discounts, promotional offers, if any etc. along with product reviews by other customers etc. all are put forth before them, explicitly and very clearly. This Catalog Presentation makes things damn easy for the customers, to take “informed decision” of the product, induces them to buy and happily select all the products – including those they originally wanted to buy, and also by getting impressed by the related other products, shown beautifully focused in the Catalog Presentation.

Catalog Processing Service:

How the online visitor to your Ecommerce Outlet can get the amplified and fully focused Catalog Presentation? Well – expert hands work behind the scene, for every Ecommerce Stores to make all the up-dated information made available to the customers, in a lightning speed and make them smile happily.

Catalog Processing Service includes categorization, updating, and presenting all the products neatly, and without ambiguity to the eyes of the customer. For this, the professionals must be conversant with the entire product range handled by the stores; their description; photographs; size, color and specifications; availability details; expected date of non-stock items being available; the prices; discounts and offers; delivery particulars and so on.

All these information or data should be processed continuously every day, and uploaded into the website, working back-end. Then only the visitor can get these details upfront of the stores screen.

Why outsource Catalog Processing Services to Eoutsourcing India?

By now you know all the nuances and intricacies involved in Catalog Processing Services. This is a unique and specialized task to be carried out with care and professionalism par excellence. So you can’t take chances, and leave this intricate task to any in-house personnel.

The entire job involves going through the Ecommerce site; assessing and analyzing the products handled; obtain pertinent information about product description, prices, availability and other relevant particulars, then and there, and processing the data collected with appropriate sophisticated software solutions.

The data should be ready exactly in time every time, and fed into the website continuously every day.

Benefits you reap by outsourcing:

  • Eoutsourcing India is a company undertaking assorted Data Entry Services for various fields and Industries
  • Data-Entry and Data Processing are their core job to supply to numerous clients
  • Complete professionalism in doing your Catalog Processing Services, uploading into your Ecommerce site and making your visitors immensely happy
  • Above all, you are going to spend only a fraction of an amount you need to employ your own staff.

Can you afford to forsake all the above benefits? – No way.


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