Are you looking for an offshore partner to hire a team of expert target=”_blank”>data entry operators for your routine work then India is a best location to outsource data entry work as from their you can able to hire an expert team of operators at an affordable prices who can help you out in your routine business tasks.

As in a growing competitive market in world time and money are both important aspects for an organization and with the best utilization of that one can achieve their targets by compete with their competitors and in that achievement a team of expert will play a significant role in the growth of organization so by joining hands with an expert team of data entry operators on a contract basis one can easily free up their time resource and utilize them in best efficient way to other important aspects of business which needs their more attention and even the economic disparity can able to hire a data entry team at affordable prices.

Advantages of Hiring a Data Entry Operator in India

  1. Get rid off from long term investment oninfrastructure
  2. Team of expert data entry at an affordableprices
  3. Whole team work schedule as per clients availabilitytime
  4. Easily execution of projects
  5. Timelycommunications and availability of project manager for all communications and updates for the work going on project outsource
  6. No need tospend on hardware and software infrastructure which is an essential cost if one wants to do them with their in-house data entry staff
  7. Free SampleRun before executing work on project

How Working with Data Entry Operators in India is cheaper in cost with an In-house data entry staff?

The real cost to the company which they have to bear is the employee’s salary and other fringe benefits that are necessary to provide him if they expect a continuous performance from them and in that the infrastructure cost and other requirements like purchase of hardware and software is an extra burden on them and one will definitely wants to reduce these costs to get more profit benefits from their business.

So for an example a data entry operator working in US firm gets an approximate salary of around $60,000 a year the company has to bear some other charges which get them to a total of approximately around $90,000/year for a single operator.

So here is the answer of hiring a data entry operators is cheaper in cost from India due to economic disparity as if one wants to hire a data entry worker from India they have to pay only around $500-$550 a month and for a whole year they can get them at a cost of $6000/year which is nearly 1/10th of cost as an in-house data entry worker in USA and in that one can also free up of paying another administration and infrastructure charges.

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