With globalization, many of the firms need proper assemblage of information. So here data entry and information processing workers assist in ensuring this non productive work. They do typing text ,enter data on website and operate variety of machines to make rapid changes on client software in this “information age”.

Operator with essential skills in word processor type text material which is usually required for mailing letters; these typist works according to there credentials. Some works as clerical, professional or many of them work as managerial workers.

It is usually noticed with there experience, they perform jobs which requires stiff concentration. With working experience they often assist front office team with accuracy and rearrange material, which come form different online-offline sources in order to prepare a perfect blue print.

As each department require typing jobs so in many firms, it comes to notice that these information processing worker are working in centralized team to handle data and information in significant way. In peak hours they also perform many of the office tasks such as answering emails of customer, telephone.

Another variant service of information processing workers is also known as data entry keyer’sthese professional’s often input codes, make numeric entry in excel or enter product registration code entry to give information in normalized view. They also manipulate existing data, we have gone threw this service, here we name it online store maintenance. There task, what we here perform is to update price quote and image of product which come in variations.

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