For any business organization – be it an Online Outlet or a Big Manufacturing Company out there, Supply Chain Management is vital. By the word Supply Chain Management, one can easily understand making the manufactured or sold merchandises or products reach to the customers’ end.

Only if this activity takes place smoothly and efficiently, the very bottom-line of any business, namely deriving sales proceeds and profits to run the organization can be possible.

In order to move the goods from the supplier to the end-user, transportation of them becomes indispensable. The total transportation activities are identified as a bunch, in business circles as “Logistics”.

The data pertaining to and emanating from this Logistics activities are to be recorded, maintained, analyzed, categorized and streamlined into the required format. The management of this data is known as Logistic Data Management Services.

The next question that arises is this Logistic Data Management can be carried out in-house, by the organizations themselves or they need to be outsourced. Let’s see this question in more details, with the expert assistance from the professionals of Eoutsourcing India, unquestionably the most popular Data Entry, Processing and Management Services, for all business needs in India.

Who handles the Supply Chain Operations?

Moving products from the point of manufacture to the other end of consumers is handled, by various parties. The organizations, separate contractors of transportation management, courier and freight cargo services etc. are those parties. The transportation takes place, by various modes like road, rail, sea and air-freights.

The total transportation operations, namely Logistics involves innumerable documentations, at every stage and every transport mode. The processing of these documents are – Lorry Transport Way Bills; Rail Transport Receipts; Sea Transport Bills of Lading; and Freight Bills for air-cargo movements etc.

All the above transportation documents are based on the Invoice or Bill of the organization concerned, wherein the details such as types, numbers, volumes and packages etc. of the actual goods transported are recorded, by the forwarding or dispatch departments of the organizations concerned.

Therefore, the Logistics or Transportation documents get generated by the organization or contractors or Logistic handling companies etc. But there is no denying, at each and every stage, the Logistic Data arising out of all these sources should be perfectly recorded and managed very efficiently, with skills par excellence.

What is the depth of work involved in Logistic Data Management?

Let us assume there is a separate transportation or dispatch department for handling Logistics, inside the organization. There should be at least a minimum team of 4 to 5 employees, to record the Logistic Data, coming in from assorted transport modes.

This team should be entrusted with the work of watching from the Invoice of the goods, to the movement of the goods to the respective transport service, from there to various points of movements in between, till the supply reaches its destination and to the end-users’ door-steps.

You can easily understand now, how this team cannot manually handle, all those documents and data arising from them every day. It goes without saying, it is well neigh impossible.

The next best alternative is automation of Logistic Data Entry, Processing and Management, to feedback the total Logistic Data in a nutshell, in time and in the required format.

Accuracy, Speed and Efficiency are the most important aspects, to undertake this ticklish job of Logistics Data Management Services. Can you feel relaxed, if this huge and intricate task is entrusted to an in-house team?

Outsourcing benefits you derive from Eoutsourcing India:

  • They have a big team of experienced expert professionals for each task they undertake, separately
  • Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Management, Ecommerce, Image Editing, Accounting and Pay Roll,BPO Services like Logistic Data Management, Products Data Entry, Sports Industry Data, Real Estate Industry Data and managing pertinent data for many fields are handled day-to-day, by their professionals
  • Their professionals use sophisticated Technology Software Solutions, in all the above tasks using their skills, efficiency and knowledge to the best advantage.
  • When you entrust them with the Logistic Data Management Services, you can feel relaxed and happy that your work is within the safe and deft hands
  • You will get the required Logistic Data, error-free, blemish-free, accurate and with clinical precision in time, every time.
  • Above all, you are going to spend only a fraction of the expenses you may need, for employing an in-house team of inexperienced persons.

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