Points to consider while performing Data cleansing job

In my previous post, I tried to accentuate about accuracy in data cleansing services. To being with, I would like to introduce what you usually notice on the website especially the hotel, educational and eCommerce site. Here you usually notice the feedback form, which is on the user choice to make the review. “There is always a different account of taste”, so some of the notorious give a disparaging feedback, which can essentially defame the institution. The above paragraph is part about the user generated content, because it is free, and very much helpful to boost the site. The negative side is owner often suffer from spam, negative remarks so to overcome such issue, they tried their hands on data cleansing services. Well there are several other purposes to use cleansing as a task. As our concern to this article is highlight quality points they are as under.

  • To give a refined approach to this one need accuracy; side by side depends to referential entity of data base, which solely depend on the developer part so that user can search relevant result. On this part, it is to be noted that most of the data entry firms are essentially not a designing company, nor they indulge themselves in programming, so that accuracy for them is “perfect type script”.
  • As inaccurate data often lead to confusion and sometimes essential lose of potential customer from service; so here this services play a significant role. Firms often arrange operator whose role is to update the information whenever the customer ask us to do so.
  • Feedbacks, which could be a sincere compliments to any business services / products often comes in haphazardly way, so making a suitable taxonomy is also an essential part.
  • It is essential to have real life feedback, spammer often stuff with unrealistic details, to which reader will gloomy, while reading the feedback here error correction comes into existence so an operator have to furnish accurate details.
  • Simplicity of the forms, it should be in such a manner that every information seem to reveal the actuality, side by side operator efficiency lies in meeting up deadlines, as some project are outsource on urgent basis.


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