In our previous article and especially the last line we put stress on monochrome images, which usually store the old memories of an individual. Although old photo restoration services and demand comes on minor scale to the Image manipulator’s but we at Eoutsourcing India are always ready to furnish this service at affordable prices. Here the images are converted from gray scale to appropriate coloring. It is a process of altering the existing image to client specified quality. It is a difficult task as usually images, what we found are in deteriorated condition.

Secondly such images are taken by unprofessional hands, looking at these images one can analysis good and bad about it. It is very difficult to imagine the background object. In earlier article we stress on the removal of background, but here the background images share the memories of location where they were taken. But with the advancement of technology and professional software which are specifically designed to such purpose, image restoration could be done with easy hands.

What is here need is to ask the description of image location, spot and accompany. As this is more than restoring photo, it is something restoring memories of the individual. So don’t fear to ask them, I said it because the images are often in monochrome and background image need coloring and the witness is the individual and he have some worth to it, so he will definitely give the details. This type of approach is usually avoided by the professional’s; I want to stress the avarice is not only the way of providing service, in such situation client is emotional attached.

This type of job will better if an expert handle it, well the commonly used techniques are been discussed in out previous article namely “Significant role Image Editing Services on ecommerce sites”.

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