To make the meaning of data mining easy, one can separate the words and try to understand the meaning better.

Here data mining can be taken as data and mining, data is something that holds some records of information and mining can be considered as digging deep information about using materials. So in terms of defining,

What is Data Mining?
Data mining is a process that is useful for the discovery of informative and analyzing the understanding of the aspects of different elements.

The same data if is organized and sorted then it turns out to be information, which can be used by us in various ways. This extraction of information from the raw data is another form of data mining.

Few other processes which include in data mining are,

The knowledge or information which is acquired through the data mining process can be made used in any of the following applications −

  • Market Analysis
  • Production Control
  • Customer Retention
  • Science Exploration
  • Fraud Detection
  • Sports
  • Astrology
  • Internet Web Surf-Aid

What Can Data Mining Do:
Data mining helps in analyzing and summarizing different elements of information. A mining process is a form wherein which all the data and information can be extracted for the purpose of future benefit.

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