A data entry clerk is often none as a typist who can keyboard required information in software or prepare data via typing client prescribed format. Typist is generally required by mailing firm, where he / she is required to perform the job while typescript the required information with accuracy.

Data entry varied with business model it may be entry of numeric figures of cash office, we he / she have to enter those numerical with stiff concentration. Many of spammer required these professional to enter captcha data entry jobs while operating online registration. But with the advancement of technology jobs of data entry clerks lightly changed, now he works as proofreader on documents given by client. The accuracy of OCR software slightly lesser the burden of these professionals; actually they review the image created by OCR software and enter accurate records if they need correction.

The credentials required for this job is slightly lower or a person only needs to have fundamental knowledge of computer with good typing speed. We want of highlight many of firms always needs to have data update on regular basis so in process to overcome this task they purposefully settled with outsourcing this typing work to third party. Here vendor sometimes set at offshore location and furnish there task at affordable cost.

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