Bradon comes to us with data entry project in order to make yellow page data entryin his software. Bradon, as concern to our services, he found our cost affordable so he make a chat with our spoke person, even furnish a sample with crash course for proper understanding about his requirement.

Bradon is very smart entrepreneur and always works in cost efficient way. The good point is that he planned before outsourcing to us. He furnishes us the catalog in PDF Format where we have to extract snippets of text. So in order to make his task easier his developers already designed a program in Visual basic where one can, select that text and drag it like an image to another edge of software program. Here PDF file can be imported, all these files appear like an image and one of our employee just have to drag it.

On other side another group of excellent keyboarding operator enters these details with accuracy in Bradon Software program. This is what our client was searching for and we furnish him a daily report of status. The project comes in bulk, here our utmost accuracy was must so Eoutsourcingindia have it best with our caliber and we make it with assistance of excellent data entry team.

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