It’s not certain; case studies on website portal are something which is pitched to customer to let them know about company experience and their capability to handle varied projects. As to the feature of these case studies which includes how can a firm assist best of experience and what value their customer can extract if they assign them some sort of assignment especially in outsourcing business?

In actual, these case studies don’t have much prospect if taken loosely and do you think such case studies can guide their godsend customer. So, what attributes they are lacking?

The very first entity; which is often missed and which is must to list is “Trust and Emotion”. If we check some e-commerce sites, people tend to buy products from the source they utmost trust and something from well known establishment. So the stories which have exactitude can be better to build relationship and secondly stories on website blog aren’t just case studies. They should carry trust so that your customer can realize that they are choosing right people.

So the best way is to list persona. These persona could be best to describe your business features with problems and how your teams tackle it. Like stories have characters same is required to for decent case studies. So there should be naming of persona and what kind of situation in he/she was and how he/she felt about your product & services. The stories should felt solution which can take place and hopes to override the problems so they can achieve perfect blend. It is what customer pursues for; it is what firm out there to furnish.

Engage your listeners: Many times, you felt that you are writing a great content but to your listeners it’s not. So they will try to put their own way, their very experience and try to share their experience and try to share their experience with comments & feedback’s. So if you consider its is noteworthy to answer comment than include it in your FAQ and also elaborate it in your blog comments or prepare a new blog to answer it. It is a sort of feedback even your listener’s get trust that someone is listening to them. It is what they want.

Be decent: – I am great fan of literature, movies which own worth, quality and something which can generate emotions so that I can ponder on it. In some sense, I want to be get involved and this can be done by engaging relationship. Many time people use indecent language but it is not a time to take it personal but to be gentle. It will create impact on people and let them think these people are real gentle persons.

There are some other steps which are must to convey trust. Very first to the list is to have good profile. People check all these so you have to communicate and let the people know about you. Being a firm primary executive or other you have to reveal yourself to your listeners. So put yourself with meaningful name rather than codes names, people don’t want to be act like decipher.

So when you have genuine profile, which is well updated then you can recommend something good and people will trust you. We mean you have to avoid fake and miscellaneous names.

Many times case studies are being prepare with corporation of colleagues so be decent to them. It not reveals your own good nature but compels your colleagues to reveal very insight because they are actually working on project.

You should also develop customer service because they are the actual people who are actually using your product or services. So whenever there is any update & problem which is to be resolved it is better to let them know about it.

Finally don’t worry about blog post. Entrepreneur often feels to have meaningful stories. We want to reveal that stories are everywhere, you just have to discuss and listen’s other carefully and when your attempt to solve problem, the story will automatically come to mind. Hereafter you can prepare your decent case studies.

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