Are you looking to outsource your double keyed data entry task? It is must to understand what exactly the meaning of Double keyed data entry and how can an offshore located firm helps you out in your double keyed data entry task. So here we tried to explain the meaning of double keyed data entry which is usually an effective way to reduce the errors while doing the data entry task on any project. In another words double keyed data entry is nothing but an effective way to approach to the instructions of clients by an expert team of data processing specialist and make some analysis from that and write down some clear notes for the data entry operators who are going to perform on the projects outsource by an offshore located client.

Here the data entry task is divided into two batches and each batch is assigned to the team of operators with some specification details to carried out the work as per the client’s instructions and how exactly the final output file should come at the completion of project. So here the two data entry typist start work on the similar project and on the final completion of the work an electronically comparison will be done on that to match the output by both the operators and if there any mismatch is found at any stage while comparing the work carried out by them it goes to be match with the source file to make sure the exact data is go on the field as defined by the client.

So here the double keyed data entry is a useful tool to whom who wants to outsource the task of Scanned pages data entry, database entry, employees records entry, Survey forms entryor any kind of data entry task in which accuracy and reliability of data is must ensure.

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