In eCommerce sites; image plays a significant role to catch the attention of the customer. It is not certain to say that many of eCommerce sites have poor images all this definitely creating obstruction in customer choice. So one must have effective images to overlook, differentiate your competition from others providing perfect images to your products.

With the boom of online stores, image processing services comes in outpouring way to the back office services; it is the process of changing image, to avoid copyright, enhancing them by putting additional color, making the picture all attractive.

Image processing services which are usually done by the outsourcing vendors are following:-

  • Changing the background: – it is usually notice images have some unwanted part, which is to be avoided, so that image seems clear, threw out of the topic. The process of doing is called clipping path removing unwanted portion from an image.


  • Adjusting the Color scheme: – Right compound of color is always appreciated, overexposure, underexposure typically heard the eyes, same is with the customer. Hence the process of making the image lucid comes under the category of mask correction. Here professional make an attempt to process the suitable color which adore the eyes.


  • Combing your logo image: – Logo is brand image, which usually associated to popularize the brand name; the logo is usually taken as transparent. Hence it is the process of combing your logo brand with background.


  • Color correction in existing image: – It usually happen while making a photo section, some shades occur due the lighting affect, some Pics have are often associated with additional color which disturb the color scheme. The process of handling such problem is called color correction.


  • Removing the Additional objects: – While making a photo session, some unwanted object comes on the surface, which disparage the overall effect of the photo.

There are also some other variation associated with this service, something with variant names. Now a day’s professional are also concentrating to manipulate caricature, restoring the photograph in their original as earlier people used to have monochrome photographs, which share their old memories and relation what they have in past.

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