Corwin, an US based entrepreneur come to us with his requirement ofword typing project. Basically, he drops down to our page of handwritten documents data entry service. Where, he realizes that Eoutsourcingindia could be designated firm to contact for his urgent requirement. He ask for our working protocol and charges for the services.

In process he uploaded a sample file, which was basically hand written document consisting weekly residential menus of food items, which are to be inserted in MS Word document. In summary what we have to do is to type them and arrange according their prescription.

Although, the work was simple to do but we have to follow strict document format. In order to do this we segregated our projected team in two parts to which one have to typescript and another would take care of proper document format.

So, at the end of day Corwin work was already furnished, now it just requires uploading those file which were neatly uploaded by our quality executive via secure network connection on Corwin specified email address. Our work protocol and accuracy really impressed Corwin and he ensures us to another future deal.

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