Ecommerce, A growing Industry in present Era, According to the analysis of Online market, Ecommerce sale is increasing day by day. Product Listing should be a impressive image to compel the customers to stop at your Product Listing, most persuasive way is Quality Product Images, This is the important thing which attracts the users So you need to work on perfection of product images, Let’s discuss some important steps to do it :-


Enhance Colors

Fix the blunt colors of images and improve their brightness, because dull images never create a positive impression. First impression create by your product images and after that description, features, specifications and all. There are lot of tools available to enhance the image quality. So remove dullness and make images clear.


Fix Sharpness

Say goodbye to lazy, dull and faded images, you product images should be sharp for more clicks on listing, Sharp Images always catch the Eye of customers. We at eoutsourcing India help you to manage sharp images for products.


Picture Size and Zoom

Pictures and images sizes always matters, sometimes we did not get the details of product images due to lack of zoom and focus. For extra quality of images zoom effect should be on.


Color and shadow

Actual photograph does not have clear color and shadows, for create that impression we need some image editing tools to enhance the images lik brightness, hue, saturation and more. Sometimes shadow of images makes it more clear and visible. To find the better image editing services reach us at @Eoutsourcing


Clear Focus on Product Image


Product image should contain the 60-70% of the frame, If it comes under 30-40% with other unwanted background images, customer will not able to get the clear view of image.

Eoutsourcing India Offers you complete Image editing services at affordable pricing, if you want to improve your product listing impressions and click, Call Us +91 8929077227 or mail at [email protected] .

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