Original images area unit seldom perfect! although shots and locations area unit rigorously designated, there area unit flaws which require correction. It does not solely take many mouse clicks to vary a frightful photograph into one thing terribly glamourous and ideal. With several of the hassles and hurdles concerned, digital image sweetening is not at all the bed of roses.

For a magic bit to your photos, you’ll avail digital image sweetening services by Eoutsourcingindia. we tend to assist you improve your images, usually on the far side what you thought is feasible.

Color Correction

This includes adjusting brightness, contrast, density, color balance & saturation, adding lighting effects etc.

Changing Backgrounds

In order to bring specialise in key parts of an image, we are able to take away distracting parts from the background or replace them entirely with white, blue, client-defined or a lot of applicable background.

Image Cropping & Removing Noise

This includes extracting unwanted parts from the image like removing brand, signature etc.


Our graphic artists area unit masterly digital make-up artists to not solely take away unwanted parts however enhance eyes, features, figure etc and create the image look extraordinarily gorgeous. This additionally includes fixing hair, skin, clothes, adding sleek edges, removing little blemishes, wrinkles, sunburn, acne, spots, dark circles etc.

Adding filters

We can additionally add filters to correct hue, enhance saturation, increase color and end in improved modulation transfer perform.

Density Correction

Eoutsourcing India team uses Photoshop computer code yet as proprietary techniques for density correction in digital pictures.

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