Form processing is usually depending on type script, accuracy in keyboarding and estimate the labor with human resource capability. The nature of this work is quiet repetitive and require huge concentration, as collected data is to used for the purpose of email marketing of the product or services.

  • After generalizing there requirement of format fortheir database, client who actually seek such services upload the required rawsource on net or upload the data on their own sites or email it to the vendor specified email address after finalizing there contract.
  • Itis been usually notice, clients have own software to work with, if software isnot specified they ask vendor to typescript the form details in MS Excel or other popular format which could be transfer to their back end database.
  • On the vendor side, they compile whole data in adatabase, here accuracy is must.
  • There are some teammanagement to handle the data, usually vendor have double team, one will enter the details and another will cross check for verificationand confirmation.
  • Time factor are crucial is such type ofwork, so team often set deadlines to the project.
  • When wholeproject is completed within client required format then vendor upload that dataon client specified location, or burn them CD, DVD to dispatch it to client address.


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