Brayden comes up with a handwritten document entry project which consist 400 sheet of handwritten text directly coming in form of raw receipt by customer feedback. Here every sheet consist 15 lines per page where we have to enter 23 columns of excel worksheet.

The work requires stiff concentration as we have to select each text and simultaneously enter in excel sheet. It was 15 days project and Brayden awarded us the work of an employee to furnish this job.

Although it was a small project, our expert data entry team furnishes a quality result in work. We furnish his work with high accurateness and with cost effective solution. Our service really impressed Brayden and he promised us to have future dealing in offshore work.

Best Handwritten sheet to Excel – Results

  • Our quality work let Brayden to have propersorting of data.
  • With our offshore location Brayden receivedthe benefits of Time Zone.
  • He received continuum whirl ofprogress.
  • Whole work comes in affordable rate hence garnerincome while cost cutting.


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