Clayton, a USA based entrepreneur ask us to do some data extraction job. In time he attached an excel format sheet, in which essential entities were being furnished and to which our team have to work. The sole purpose for this data is to use it as SEO strategy and we began. The work was easy to do but it too requires stiff concentration. So, all we have to do is to browse the directory and check the available email address of the owner, so that Clayton can furnish business proposals to them in term of doing business. Our data entry team is well acquainted with such work, so there was not a problem occur in apprehending the assignment of Clayton.


As a part of credentials, our client wants acceptable English skills, faster internet connection and at the end of a day “A report” of the day activity, to which our project manager inform on his CMS or email him on his specified address. As per business point of view, Eoutsourcingindia first furnish a sample for Clayton and emailed them to his depicted email address. Our working protocol and quality work impressed Clayton and rewarded us with his first assignment. The work was done within the deadlines hence furnish a happy outsourcing experience to him.

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